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From Obsolete Drawing to Modern Marvel

Gradient's Triumph in Gear Housing Reconstruction

Replacing old heavy machinery spares when the OEM no longer makes the part is a herculean task.

One of our valued clients sent Gradient an old, near-unreadable drawing for a gear housing they needed. The OEM has long since ceased doing business. Challenges were aplenty but our dedicated team took on the task of producing the housing with determination.

🛠️ Gradient successfully recreated the original drawing, using our knowledge of manufacturing processes and design. The end result? A meticulously crafted gear housing that not only met but exceeded our client's expectations.

🚀 This accomplishment stands as a testament to our team's commitment to innovation, problem-solving, and customer satisfaction. We are proud to have turned a closed chapter into a success story!

🙌 Huge shoutout to our talented engineers and everyone involved in making this possible. Your hard work and dedication have once again showcased our commitment to excellence.

Gear box drawing
Gear box drawing

New Gearbox Housing
New Gearbox Housing

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