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Revolutionizing Crusher Liner Durability with Cermet Studded Castings

We had a customer approached us wanting to increase the wear life of their manganese steel crusher liners.

Embedding ceramic-metal composites (cermets) into the high-wear areas of crusher liner
Embedding ceramic-metal composites (cermets) into the high-wear areas of crusher liner

Hardness is the primary indicator of wear resistance and ceramic metal-matrix composites (cermet's) are hard and versatile materials.

Gradient Services have worked with our partners to be able to offer cermet studded castings to improve the through-put and wear life for our customers.

The cermet's can be “studded” into the outer surface of a casting. Before pouring the “nail-tails” are pushed into the sand mould to hold the cermet at or slightly below the surface of the casting. The nail-tails are removed at fettling. This can improve the local wear properties for crushing and ground engaging parts in a similar way to hard facing but does not need relining after wear.

Typical cermet's are particles of a ceramic (usually a metal-carbide such as TiC or WC) in a cobalt matrix. This effectively makes carbide studded castings a second-order composite.

Manganese steel crusher liners are used extensively throughout the quarrying and mining industries due to the material’s work-hardenability and toughness. However, in some applications a little reinforcement can greatly improve part life. By studding a manganese crusher with TiC cermet's in the highest wearing region we can increase the wear resistance at the wear face without compromising the toughness and impact resistance. Reported improvements range from 40% to 150% increase in liner life in our trials.

Please share your thoughts if you think there are any other methods which increases the life of crusher liners.

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