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Our Story

A Journey of Growth and Innovation

From Local Beginnings to Global Solutions

Founded in the early 1960s in Broken Hill, our company began as a response to the local mining industry's needs. By identifying and leveraging manufacturing capacities in South Australia during their lean production periods, we quickly established ourselves as a pivotal supplier of re-engineered products to the mining sector.

Expansion and Evolution

The growth and success of our business led to our relocation to Adelaide, where we continued to thrive until 2002. Today, Gradient Services proudly calls Melbourne home. Our evolution has transformed us into a global force, boasting an extensive network of suppliers. We now offer a comprehensive one-stop solution for all equipment needs across the manufacturing and resource sectors in Australasia, continually striving to exceed expectations and deliver excellence.

Global Reach

Today Gradient is a part of the Y&J Industries family of companies. With this alliance we are able to deliver an umprecidented service offerings to our customers. Y&J has decades of experience in exporting customized metal parts worldwide and is one of China's leading suppliers of customized metal parts.

Our Team

Andrew Hird


Andrew Hird is a dynamic business leader with a proven track record in enhancing revenue, profitability, and operational efficiency. He excels in strategic development, transforming start-ups into profitable entities, and leading motivated teams. Andrew has spearheaded digital transformation initiatives and launched successful ventures in energy storage and renewable energy. With extensive experience in various global roles, he has consistently driven growth and innovation in the tech sector. Internationally experienced, Andrew is also a committed philanthropist, raising significant funds for children's charities. He holds degrees in Engineering and Science from Monash University, Australia

Graham Liddell

Managing Director

Graham Liddell stands at the helm of Gradient Services as the Managing Director, bringing over four decades of profound industry experience. Throughout his illustrious career, Graham has been synonymous with delivering effective and efficient solutions, showcasing a relentless commitment to excellence and innovation. His tenure is highlighted by a deep understanding of industry dynamics and a forward-thinking approach, enabling him to steer Gradient Services with a vision that blends experience with strategic innovation. Graham's leadership is driven by a passion for fostering growth and operational excellence, making him a cornerstone in shaping the future trajectory of Gradient Services.

Brandon Davey

Mechanical Engineer

Brandon Davey, a distinguished Mechanical Engineer, excels in mechanical vibration, CAD, fluid dynamics, and acoustics. His expertise in dynamic systems positions him as a leading figure in tackling complex engineering challenges.


Brandon combines theoretical knowledge with practical skills, offering innovative solutions and fostering growth within the engineering community. His dedication to mentoring and passion for engineering innovation make him a valuable asset in any project.

Naveen Chanda

Civil Engineer

Naveen Chandra is a seasoned Civil Engineer known for expertly managing multiple tasks and solving complex problems. His proficiency in site preparation and daily management, combined with exceptional planning skills, makes him a reliable leader in any construction project. Naveen's ability to navigate challenging situations and maintain smooth operations showcases his invaluable contribution to the field of civil engineering.

Allison Hogan

Group Accountant

Allison Hogan is a seasoned Group Accountant at Gradient Services with a strong background in guiding SMEs and emerging businesses through their financial and statutory responsibilities. Her expertise encompasses a wide range of industries, including Financial Services, Healthcare, and IT, among others. Allison's proficiency in financial modeling and forecasting, combined with her broad sector experience, positions her as a strategic asset in driving financial success for her clients and within Gradient Services.

Duncan Allen

Technical Sales Consultant

Duncan Allen is a highly skilled Technical Sales Consultant at Gradient Services, boasting two decades of rich experience in foundry casting and manufacturing. His career encompasses significant roles, ranging from ownership to executive positions, reflecting his comprehensive understanding of the industry. Duncan possesses an in-depth appreciation for the pivotal role of foundry castings in Australian engineering and critical sectors including mining, oil & gas, marine, and agriculture. As a Chartered Manager and Fellow of the Institute of Managers & Leaders (Australia & NZ), his expertise extends beyond technical knowledge, embracing years of frontline management. Duncan's blend of hands-on experience and leadership acumen positions him as a key asset to Gradient Services and its clientele.

Martin Spence

Technical Sales Consultant

Martin Spence is an accomplished Business Development Consultant in the mining and metals sector, with expertise in negotiation, operations management, process engineering, and procurement. Holding a Certificate IV from the Australian Institute of Management, his strategic and innovative approach has significantly improved operational efficiencies, brokered key deals, and enhanced productivity for the industry. Martin's deep commitment to professional excellence and leadership development has solidified his reputation as a key contributor to the sector's growth and sustainability.

Declan Buggle

Mechanical Engineer

Declan Buggle is an emerging Graduate Mechanical Engineer who has recently joined Gradient Services, bringing with him a vibrant passion for engineering and a strong academic background. With a focus on mechanical systems, thermodynamics, and design principles, Declan is eager to apply his theoretical knowledge and technical skills to practical challenges within the company.

Our Approach

Gradient Services Pty Ltd (Gradient) has been delivering engineered products for the mining, materials processing, and manufacturing industries since 2006.

Gradient works with our clients to identify the cause of any technical problems, to improve the productivity and reliability in their operations. Specialising in cast and forged ferrous and non-ferrous components, Gradient partners with a diverse network of manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region.

With expertise in metallurgy and engineering, our extensive knowledge guides us to the design, materials, manufacturing process, and manufacturing partner which is optimal with regards to quality, cost, and lead time for our clients’ needs.

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