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Metallurgy is defined as the branch of science and technology concerned with the properties of metals and their purification and production.

At Gradient Services, our highly skilled team of Metallurgists are able to tailor products and solutions to improve business’ performance and/or reduce bottom line costs. In conjunction with our engineers and partners we offer and supply technical support and are able to give you recommendations for process improvements and development of metallurgical products to reach high standards of robustness and quality.

Support Services

Our Metallurgical Team provide the following benefits:

  • Design Criteria: Advise Customers and our Partners on the optimal designs to improve product performance. for manufacture and performance.
  • Methoding of Castings; provide advice on optimizing Riser and Gating designs.
  • Material Selection; the selection of material grades for products is important to ensure optimisation of operational life.
  • Manufacturing recommendations: metal components can be produced in a number of ways Casting, Forging and Fabrication, we work closely with our customers to offer the best, cost effective way to meet their desired products outcome.
  • Process Control; Ensure systems and processes are adhered to.
  • Quality Control: Oversee the quality of Components produced ensuring they meet the desired quality standards, i.e. Chemical and Mechanical certificates, Heat Treatment, Microstructural analysis and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

Gradient Services Metallurgists, support our products and services with a wealth of knowledge and technical experience.

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